10 years after Disclosure’s iconic ‘You & Me’ was first released, French DJ & producer Rivo breathes new life into this electronic masterpiece with a very special remix. After sharing the unreleased version on his social media, Rivo’s reputation quickly took off, garnering support from artists among the likes of Loud Luxury and Adam Port, as well as being shared on 1001tracklists!

Rivo offers a new fresh take on the British duo’s original track, skilfully fusing his own funky yet spiritual essence with Disclosure’s original groove and Eliza Doolittle’s unique vocals. He tapped into those layered synths and paired them with an accelerated beat to create a refreshing version of ‘You & Me’.

Rivo explained that “remixing a track as iconic as ‘You & Me’ was an inspiring challenge. I sought to respect the original essence that made the track such a success, while infusing it with my own creative stamp. It’s a musical experience I can’t wait to share.”

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