Pegassi is fuelling the growing hype around himself, his remixes, and his tracks. His unique blend of techno, trance and house has caught the attention of renowned artists such as BLK, DJ Boring, TRYM, VTSS, Ki/Ki and Fred again..

After his hit No Type, Pegassi’s rising popularity is a testament to his potential future success. November 2023 sees him land heavy with a brand-new track with burgeoning singer & songwriter Lucy Dye, who thrives as a beacon of artistic innovation. Dye invites audiences to journey beyond the ordinary by forging an unbreakable connection between human emotion and the limitless realms of creativity.

‘Diamond Coochie’ focuses on themes of self-confidence, sensuality, and empowerment, particularly in the context of romantic and sexual relationships. It expresses a self-assured attitude and empowers not to settle for being treated cheaply or disrespectfully.

Pegassi is the stage name of Sam Hybrecht, a Belgian DJ and producer based in Antwerp. After spending nearly two years in solitude, Pegassi has re-evaluated his approach to creating and releasing music, choosing to focus solely on making songs that he wholeheartedly supports.

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