New York-based duo LION BABE composed of multidisciplinary artist Jillian Hervey and producer/DJ Lucas Goodman, (also known as Astro Raw). The pair are known for their unique sound and look blending vintage colours with modern sonics. They started with their break-out single ‘Treat Me Like Fire’ in 2012, which quickly garnered attention across the globe.

Dance lies at the very heart of LION BABE’s essence, latest single ‘Love Another’ is a testament to this purpose. Fusing their influences from the classic 90’s house music and our desire to create community. “In this next chapter we want to pour all of that into a new tempo and rhythm. After performing around the world, we are most inspired by the energy that occurs when we are playing music that aims to bring people together to dance and feel free. The House of LION BABE is bringing the best elements of what we create and highlighting it through a dance music lens” says LION BABE.

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