‘Fiction’ actually began life as a dark, sultry, piano ballad, but took on a new life once a drum kit and a Gibson got involved. Combining kiss-n-tell-story-telling that would make Stevie Nicks proud with the swagger of Lzzy Hale, the track explodes with a sassy panache that would put any love rat firmly in their place!

Speaking of the track, vocalist Caroline Kenyon says:

“Fiction is about falling in love with a rockstar. What you see on stage is often the alter ego and perception isn’t quite reality. Every person has a fantasy of what they want from a lover and vice versa…. This is mine!”


The track was recorded, along with the rest of upcoming EP ‘Awakening’ at The Lounge, Wigan with producer Gareth Nuttall. With influences ranging from Guns and Roses to Lady Gaga, the EP offers a blend of catchy pop melodies effortlessly laid upon a solid rock core.


Bastette was formed in early 2019 and is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Caroline Eve Kenyon. Exploding on stage like a supernatural force with unrestrained confidence and confessional vulnerability. She arms herself with sonic power and huge hooks; sometimes aggressive, sometimes hauntingly intimate, but always authentic.

Bastette, the Egyptian Goddess of Protection, was originally a stage character created by Caroline as something she could step into on stage. She says, “I’ve always used high heels, big hair and over the top outfits as a mask and Bastette was just one step further. Originally I even addressed myself as “Bastette”. As a musician you are constantly developing and this next EP ‘Awakening’ is about waking up to reality. I have lived a lot of my life hiding from the truth because I couldn’t face negative things that might have been happening. It’s about owning who you truly are – Bastette is a side to me that has always been underlying…. Music has allowed me to let her loose. 

This is your invitation into her world…

Catch Bastette live across the UK this Autumn:

1st October – NWOCR Live – KK’s Steelmill, Wolverhampton

7th October – St Doms, Newcastle w/ Trucker Diablo

8th October – The Giffard, Wolverhampton w/ Trucker Diablo

21st October – Quarentine Rocks, Coalville

26th October – The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes w/ The Virginmarys

28th October – Monster Fest, Inverness

3rd December – Winterocks – Corporation, Sheffield

17th December – RPM Rock n Roll Christmas – The Alhambra, Morecambe

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