After an incredible launch year, AETERNA Records hits the ground running in 2024, with the exciting, fast rising Italian producer Equinøx and his record ‘Everyman’. A sonic evolution of his previous, more melodic and atmospheric releases, Everyman is a powerful, in your face dance floor destroyer with the distinct aim, and successful execution, elevating the DJ set with a relentless energy and drive. The siren-like synths contribute to building the tension with the vocal dancing over the winding, whirring sound, leading up to the thumping beat accelerating and supercharging the record exponentially.

Speaking about his record, Equinøx said: “When I began producing ‘Everyman,’ my goal was to craft a modern dancefloor killer, drawing inspiration from the Electro-House era that dominated the scene 15 years ago. It was during that time that I fell in love with electronic music and felt the urge to become a part of it. This summer, I had the opportunity to attend a test drive of the track at MEDUZA’s residency at Hi Ibiza, and I was thrilled to witness the crowd going wild when the drop hit. I am incredibly excited to release this tune on AETERNA Records and can’t wait for people to enjoy it!”

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